Routers tricks and tips

I had some troubles with my stock opkg configuration file, because every time I tried the command opgk update it would always return  that the architecture was wrong. So I found this configiration for ramips in a Spanish forum and the opkg started to work again :)

Here is the code:

src/gz barrier_breaker
dest root /
dest ram /tmp
lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists
option overlay_root /overlay
arch all 100
arch ramips 200
arch rt305x 300
arch ramips_24kec 400

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Adding the 3G connection is pretty much straighfoward.

1.Add a new interfce: Go to Network -> Interfaces -> Add a new interface

Network Interfaces

2. Enter the name of interface and  the protocol of the new interface (UMTS/GPRS/EV-DO)

3. Time to configure your connection. On general setup tab enter your service provider data. (Here is my configuration)

4. !!!IMPORTANT!!! Add your new configuration to WAN firewall rule, otherwise you wont get any internet through your lan ports and wifi.



In the end your new interface should look something like this:

Disclaimer: If you do this your warranty will be void. I am not responsible for any bricked devices.
(There is how ever an easy process how to restore your router back to original firmware LINK)

The firmware provided below HAS FIXED the problem of  all lan ports including wan port acting as a dumb switch.

The firmware provided below consists of LuCI, 3G modem support and opkg package manager.

In this article I will guide you through the process of upgrading your router with OpenWRT firmware

Benefits of OpenWRT:
-Newest kernel for your 3G modems
-No more 0,5 Mbs bug limitation on upload
-More stable than stock (No dropped connections)

Lets get started, you will need:
– An active internet connection on 3G-6200n router (through WAN connection)
– Edimax 3G-6200n 2.21b firmware (My dropbox) or (EDIMAX POLAND)
– Link to OpenWRT firmware compiled by guenti ( – This was what i uploaded to router
Link to mtd program (

Actual procedure:
1. Go and download 2.21b firmware (You can use my link or the official one)
2. Upload the 2.21 firmware to your router (Your router is located at / username: admin /password:1234)
3. Now that you installed the 2.21b firmware go to to and log in. Now you can aceess the hidden page at
4. In the input box enter this command:

/usr/sbin/telnetd -l /bin/ash

5. Open Telnet  (Start-> Run -> telnet Dont have telnet enabled yet? Follow this guide: Enable telnet
6. Enter the following commands one by one (after the last command wait for 5 minutes for router to install the firmware:

cd /tmp
chmod a+x mtd
./mtd -r write openwrt-ramips-rt305x-3g-6200n-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin Kernel:RootFS

If everything went smoothly you should be able to acces your router at / admin:root /password: blank

Sucess Login interface

Many thanks to guenti from for compiling this great firmware.
If you want to upgrade to the latest firmware provided by him go to LINK and upload it through web interface.

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This is the procedure to partly disable onboard led’s. Currently this script only disables wireless and lan lights (Power and USB are still on).

Under Administration-> Scripts-> Init tab  copy and paste this code:

et robowr 0x00 0x18 0x1e0
et robowr 0x00 0x1a 0x1e0
wl -i eth1 leddc 1
wl -i eth2 leddc 1

This was tested on Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-105 K26 USB AIO-64K