8 comments on “Upgrading Vodafone K4605 firmware (Huawei E372)

  1. hi, after i follow all your step, use the flash code to upgrade the firmware but at the end the modem only recognize only 1 carrier ie Maxis not CELCOM nor DIGI sorry I’m from Malaysia. What step need to do pls…pls…
    thx v M

  2. Thank you so much for the link to download Branded Mobile PartnerV23+USSD program. I managed to resolved my Vodafone K4605 3G modem issue which was not been detected as a modem when plugged on my pc after I flashed it with the previous version of Huawei Universal Ultimate Dashboard UTPS16. It turns out it did not provide the proper drivers for my dongle. Thank you so much!!!! :-)

  3. Great tip, THANK YOU.
    I finally can use my former Vodafone k4605, now a well working E372 !!
    A question: Can I now uninstall the Vodafone SW (= V. Mobile Broadband) as it keeps asking to uninstall Mobile Partner avery time I boot Windows XP? Or maybe I risk to remove some needed driver with it?

  4. i have huawei k4505
    firm ware version = 11.870.02.10.11
    hardware version = CP12TCPU
    speed = 28,8 Mbps

    can i update firmware to 42,2 Mbps by using firmware from K4605 or E372 ???

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